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A quick portrait from yesterday's (cold & atmospheric) portrait shoot with Ed, Katie and 'Olly Wally'. Given the 'chrome' treatment in post production to give the oimage that look of yesteryear.


It was a long, tedious wet drive uo the A2 to Crayford this morning to photograph the opening of the new Arco store on the Acorn Industrial Estate. Arco are leading suppliers to the construction industry for health and safety gear - quality and priced competitively, and nice chaps too!


I photographed a lovely lady and her daughters yesterday. The shoot was for the Dementia Society's magazine. Lorraine has early Dementia, the shoot had to be positive, so we went for a wander in the Oak wood close to her home, where she likes to spend some time.


I've just received the proofs from Kent County Council on a campaign we were working on before Christmas. It's all about postural stability in the elderly. We popped in on a few of the classes Tonbridge and Sevenoaks initially to spot any potential candidates for the campaign. The plan was to photograph our subjects in two poses, one as in everday stance, and the second 'striding out', with a few wobbles this was acheived. As you can see the standing image is used to the right, with the 'striding out' image used as a cut out shadow and projected on to the wall. Lighting was a single extra large softbox, shot on Nikon D3s and 85mm 1.4.



Really, really must keep this up to date!

I've recently started exhibiting some canvas prints locally, and in production, I resized one of the images and dropped it onto Magnum Photos Facebook page. An hour later it had had over 100 likes, and two days later was up to 700 'likes' and was also being used as the page header - amazed!


Hill and Knowlton Strategies called me up and asked if I could photograph a prize winner attending the premier of Star Wars - The Force Awakens at Cineworls Bexheath. We did some shots outside with the cinema in the background - on a dark and wet evening, they worked, but I felt the shot walking back worked better!



Met some truly inspiring people during today's latest shoot for KCC, highlighting their learning services in the Medway towns.


I've been asked to come up with artwork for the Elephant inn, a real ale house in the Mall, Faversham. The shot of the pub (the backgoround layer) was taken on a fuji x-pro 1 and 35mm lens. The subsequent elephants were added in seperate layers, as were the pints in their trunks. The 'elephants' (actually one) was photgraphed at Port Lympne on an earlier photocall, in deep grass which covered the lower parts of their legs so i sprayed some 'dust' over them to cover the offending foliage.


It's been a day under the studio lights today. A few product shot's for Rawcure of their new range of high end cold pressed juices, various bottles and contents photographed against a brilliant white backdrop for easy cut out for web. At the end of the shoot we nipped out the local farm shop and grabbed a few props for some more stylised shots. You have to work quick under the lights as the fresh produce tends to dry or wilt, so it's pretty much get the lighting right, work out where everything is going, place it and shot it quick!


Had a lovely day out photographing the good people the Museum of Kent Life, updating their picture library as well as catalouging their new attractions.


I've spent today driving round various venues in Thanet photographing winners of the district council's Pride in Thanet Awards. To be honest it's been a bit of a nightmare trying to schedule over 20 different winners into different slots over 4 days - and work out how to get round them all, but we got there in the end!


Tricky subject matter today. The shoot was for the Dementia Society, and had to highlight the problems surrounding Dementia sufferer's and oral hygene. I met carer Lisa at Signature's Herne Bay Home and together (after a little time gaining Doris's trust) we recorded the required images.


It was an early start this morning. The brief was to photograph the cruise ship 'Minerva' docking at Gravesend - if she would fit into the lock. As the sun came up the 'Minerva' appeared on the horizon and weaved her way up the river weaving through the moored yachts. The mooring gand spranf into action and slowly 'Minerva' slipped into the lock - just. To try and give some size and feel of the vessel and lock, I created the image below, which is a six image stitched panorama.


I dragged the mutt (actually she dragged me) around the sea walls earlier. Very moody and overcast, but managed to get this scene on my trusty x100.


A long, looping spring walk earlier, out to Perry Wood, from Faverham via Hogben's Hill, traveling light on a 15 mile stomp with my Fuji x100 tucked into my pocket. I coverted this image to black and white. It seemed to hightlight the twisted, contorted dead Elm.


A day of case studies for KCC for a new booklet showing various forms of care the many different services provide across the county. This imagee is from day 3, at Maidstone.


Just in the process of a much overdue office clean out and found these little treasures.

If you thought it rained yesterday...

The cover of The Daily Telegraph's photo report onthe floods of the Autumn of 2000, photographed from a Jet Ranger on a Nikon D1 - hence the lego effect, somewhere near Yalding.

The front (and back) page that never was..

War graves outside Peronne in the Somme Valley, France. The Mirror's plan was a wrap, the fron sunrise, and the back sunset. It rained persistently for a week, then finally on Thursday we got a sunset and Friday morning yielded a sunrise. Job done. Ulrika Jonsson tragically miscarries, end of story. Very moving week amongst the graves of the fallen.


I've just received this email from Amelia director of Bombus down at Brenly Farm, for whom I did a shoot earlier in the week.

Thank you Phil
Really pleased with the shots. They are going to be really useful. Love the
ones of Roger in his workshop its inspired me to think it would be great to
do some of the girls working around the studio - Detailed shots of hands,
equipment and natural ones of them not conscious of the camera.

I added a few into a little mini video that we made.

Thanks again and hopefully we will be able to book you in for a product
shoot before the end of August.


Amelia Ü•
Design Director

The Bombus Team


And one of my favorites, an of the cuff portrait of friend Graham's grandchildren at at a barbeque.


A long day out in Chelsea today at Totalfit at the Grosvenor Waterside - over 4000 shots in the can. This was arevisit to update a previous shoot. Predominately staff shots, updates of new faces at the facilities in uniform and 'working out'. I set the light's up in the activity room, and fired away, 10 hours later and a tedious trip down the A2 i got ready for many days of post production.


Other commissions this week include the opening of the National Army Museum exhibition at the Royal Engineers Museum, Gillingham.


Occasionally a job comes along that certainly has it's perks. I'd been asked to photograph some new dishes at The Spice Lounge, Faversham. The lights were set up in a corner with a neutral background, once happy with the set up the chefs started bringing out the dishes. It's one of those jobs where you have to work quickly, without a food stylist you literally have minutes before the produce starts to looks cool. The perks - many calories of delicious curry later!


And a quick case study for MCIPr at Boyes and Maughnan Solicitors, Margate.


And one of my favorites an of the cuff portrait of friend Graham's grandchildren at at a barbeque.



The Dig vs Film interview with Rhe Registers Lester Haines



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